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Connecting Asia and Ireland through Education

About Us

Welcome to CE Innoculture. We are a Sino-Irish education group based in Cork, Ireland. Our purpose is to strengthen Asia/Ireland relations by building a better cultural understanding and increased co-operation between countries in Asia and Ireland. We will do this through our innovative education programmes including our Irish cultural programmes for schools; our innovative Irish-based English language learning materials, through our cultural exchange programs and our educational study tours.

Testimonials of teachers and online students

Female Lecturer
“I have found Sounds Good of great benefit to my junior Form students. I hope more schools have the good sense to use Sounds Good and that all teachers embrace the books for the benefit of Hong Kong students.”

John Driscoll, Former NET, Fukien Secondary School, Siu Sai Wan

“Sounds Good is an uncomplicated, very user-friendly and effective course for both students and teachers. I would thoroughly endorse it to any school.”

Arianne Wassermann, Former NET, KCC Yuen College, Yuen Long

Online Class Screenshot 1.png
“My speaking fluency is simply greatly improved, I don’t have to worry about pronunciation anymore. I can now infer the pronunciation and meaning of new words as I now understand the structure of words. It is the first time I have taken a class like this, I think it is very good and helpful.”

Student: Alice

Shanghai, China

“I think my reading and spelling skills have really improved after this course. I feel that I can read a word without knowing it before which is really good. I am going to study biology and psychology this semester and there are a lot of strange words so learning phonics is really, really helpful.”

Student: Chen

Shanghai, China

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