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Changing English Language Learning in Asia.

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  • Sounds Good English has now partnered with CE Innoculture to offer an innovative English language learning experience.

  • Sounds Good English is the first provider to offer secondary school students and older, an age-appropriate, comprehensive, fast phonics program.

  • 100,000 copies of the Sounds Good English series sold in Hong Kong.

  • Our USP is to put an explicit complete phonics course at the heart of an English language syllabus so that students can develop the basic literacy skills of reading and spelling. 

  • Work with us to change the way your students learn English by building a sound foundation for exam success.

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Learn to Read, Read to Learn.

Cork City Council LEO Grant for CEinnoculture

We have received financial support from the Cork City LEO to support the development of our new series of English language learning textbooks. This is the first series of English language learning books from A1 to B2 level where all the materials are Irish-centric so when students are learning English, they are also learning all about Ireland. We are delighted that Cork City Council have recognised the potential of our new series.

Cork City Council logo.png

Our Exciting  New B2 Level English Learning  textbook.

We are delighted to announce that our new B2 level Irish-Centric English language learning book is complete. Get ready to learn English while at the same time diving into the rich culture and history of Ireland. Here is a preview of what you can expect from our new book.

Front Cover B2 Sample Copy.jpeg
Unusual festivals.jpg

Twinning Grant from Cork City Council for CEinnoculture

We are proud to have received a Twinning Grant from Cork City Council. The twinning grant recognises projects that promote better relations between Cork and her sister cities. As we will be travelling to Shanghai shortly, Cork City Council are giving us financial support for  this trip as they acknowledge how our education programmes have the potential to achieve better cultural understanding between Cork and Shanghai.

Cork City Council logo.png

Partnership between MTU and Ceinnoculture

We are delighted to let you know that we have formed a partnership with MTU and we will be acting as an agent for MTU in China. With MTU, we hope to increase the flow of Chinese students studying at MTU and promote MTU in universities throughout China. We are delighted to be working with Michael Loftus and his team at the International Office in MTU.

MTU Logo 2.png

CEinnoculture - Our trip to China

CEinnoculture will be travelling to China at the end of March. We will have meetings in Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Fuzhou, Shaodong and Hong Kong. We will be meeting Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Organisations promoting our programmes and building better cultural understanding between Ireland and China.


We look forward to sending you updates during our trip.

Image by Bruce Röttgers
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