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Sounds Good English

Sounds Good English is a fast, innovative and successful English language learning methodology specifically designed for Asian students. It focuses on giving students a sound foundation for their English language learning by focusing on the basic literacy skills of word reading, spelling and pronunciation.


At present, there are 2 textbooks in the Sounds Good English series. The textbooks when launched in Hong Kong were best-sellers and sold over 100,000 copies. We also ran courses in Hong Kong schools with a presence in 50% of Hong Kong secondary schools.


We have a Professional Native-Speaking English Teaching Team. We are based in Ireland and all our teachers are fully qualified teachers who have also been trained in the Sounds Good methodology.

Assistant Teacher

An assistant teacher will be provided to offer extra support to students throughout the Sounds Good program.

Supporting Services

  • Teaching Lesson Video Recordings –Learn and Review anytime, anywhere!

  • Consultative Services for Study Abroad programs and Study Tours

  • IELTS and TOEFL guidance

  • Multi-Channel and Multi-National English Corner and Language Partners

  • Lectures provided by Professors and Scholars 

  • Guides to design personalized study plans

Assessment based on the European language level system (CEFR)

The assessments will mirror the CERF system with students progressing through the stages from A1 to C1 depending on the student’s entry level.

Teaching Process

  • Before starting the Sounds Good program all students will have their reading, spelling and pronunciation skills assessed.

  • Based on this, we will be able to gauge the level of the students and design a personalized study program based on the Sounds Good methodology.

  • The students will then be taught by a professional native-speaking English teacher using the Sounds Good methodology.

  • Students will be tested every 5 lessons to assess their progress in reading, spelling and pronunciation. At the end of each level of the course, students will have a comprehensive test to further assess their ability before moving onto the next level.

Target Student Profile

  • 12 years old and above

  • Some experience in English language learning

Teaching Mode

Online Teaching

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