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Connecting Asia and Ireland through Education 

Welcome to CE Innoculture.

We are a Sino-Irish education group based in Cork, Ireland. Our purpose is to strengthen Asia/Ireland relations by building a better cultural understanding and increased co-operation between countries in Asia and Ireland. We will do this through our innovative education programmes including our Irish cultural programmes for schools; our innovative Irish-based English language learning materials, through our cultural exchange programs and our educational study tours.

Ceinnoculture has education projects in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Hong Kong. We work with local governments in Ireland and China to develop friendship Agreements between schools in Ireland and China.

CEinnoculture and Government Support

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CEinnoculture has been supported both financially and politically by local government in Ireland through Cork City Council. We have been awarded Feasibility, Priming and Twinning Grants highlighting the importance Cork City Council places on our projects. We have worked with Cork City Council to develop twinning relationships and Friendship Agreements between schools in Shanghai and Hangzhou and schools in Ireland. We also work with local governments in China and the Foreign Affairs Office to strengthen relations and increase cultural understanding between schools in Ireland and China. 

These Friendship Agreements will allow for the bilateral movements of students between Ireland and China also allowing students  from Ireland to spend time in their sister schools in China.